Oct. 22nd, 2009

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My self-scheduling is erratic, to say the least. Faeriecon is November 6-8, and thanks to some ridiculous discounts, both because it's a new con, and because of a kerfuffle involved in its move, we got seriously cheap rates for the full pass *and* the hotel. We'll be packing a cooler full of food, since we don't want to spend money on overpriced and mediocre hotel dining. Of course, this means getting *ready* for Faeriecon, particularly the costume balls both Friday and Saturday night. I've made an incredibly gorgeous copper greenman mask for Sir, it's the nicest thing I ever made, even if all I did was paint a foam domino and some fake leaves, and glue the leaves on. Still, it's fantastic, and I'm really proud of it. I have more ideas for the full costume, as well. He doesn't have much in the way of nice clothing, just a green shirt to go with this outfit, but I just had some ideas to paint more copper leaves and accent the shirt with them, I'll have to spread it out and play around to see if it'll work.

I am not feeling the same sort of inspiration for my own costumes. Blarghle. On the other hand, I'm finding myself doing quite well at my "make do and mend" project. A couple of months ago, I had a bit of an epiphany about my personal style. Ever since I was a teenager I'd always loved the romantic/Victorian gothic look, but lacked both the finances and the guts to array myself in such a fashion. To be perfectly honest, it was my shyness that was the biggest obstacle, since I was frightened of being "stared at" or thought odd. Now that I'm older I finally realized I just don't care anymore. I've never managed to dress inconspicuosly - even when I was at my most conservative my MIL described my clothing as "striking", and I'm very tall. I attract attention, and can't get away from that. Finally understanding that, I decided to let myself go all the way, and make myself happy. So, I've begun 'gothing up' my wardrobe and makeup, although this self-reassesment came at a very financially inopportune time. So, make do and mend. I've harvested some black velvet from old thrift store shirts that never fit, and have asked my mother to keep an eye out for lace trims when she goes thrift shopping (she has two great stores in walking distance.) Clothing with potential is getting hacked up and made over, altered, or otherwise made quite satisfyingly pretty. Perfect example - I have black cording from a faire bodice that no longer fits, and am adding D-rings to the back of my utterly drab grey wool frock-coat, and thus we have corset lacing! Black velvet appliqued with beads from a tattered and torn bag will adorn the collar and cuffs. Instant pretty, unique coat.

Busy week. Aside from my wonderful cooking yesterday I hennaed my hair using Mehandi's Punjabi Prime. Supposedly it's both a particularly good crop, and an abundant one, and I can certainly say it's high quality. I tried something new, using yogurt, honey, and chamomile tea as the liquids, and found that made the rinse out a much less grit-filled experience. Tonight I'm going to do a 15 minute amla treatment, to see if it works as many have said, in accentuating the waviness of my hair. If it does, I'll be ecstatic.

Sir arrives home tomorrow morning. Finally. It's been a long week for both of us.


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