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Birthdate:Jun 27
Location:United States of America
"She had these bright blue eyes, she dreamed in staggering size.....
As ever the sun, as ever the moon, you put it together
I am twilight
As ever I'm black, as ever I'm white, you put me together
I am twilight"

--"Twilight" _Dirty Little Secret_ by Stella Soleil

Biographies can be intimidating things - how does one say who they are without running the risk of limiting themselves? Since a capsule review of myself is in order, though, let me just state that all is subject to change.

I'm in my thirties, living in a full time M/s relationship with my Sir, a dancer, traditional fiber artist, and ex-philosophy student, which may explain my atrocious grammar. I write about all of the above in a fairly random mix, along with anything else that occurs to me at 3am.

Interests (130):

anti-war, art nouveau, arts and crafts design, arts and crafts movement, arts and crafts philosophy, authenticity, baking, bdsm, bellydancing, books, brian froud, buddhism, butlering, celtic music, charles de lint, charles rennie mackintosh, coffee, compassion, contentment, corsetry, corsets, courteseans, crafts, creating your own reality, creative living, dalai lama, dar williams, dark fantasy, decadence, decorative arts, delight, dharma, early music, ecology, ehlers-danlos syndrome, elves, enchantment, enlightenment, etiquette, faery, fairies, fantasy, fencing, fetish, flamenco, folk harp, folklore, food, fringe, frog princes, geisha, grace, handcrafts, hedonism, herbalism, herbs, housekeeping, indoor gardening, jane austen, john william waterhouse, kimono, knitting, loreena mckennitt, luis royo, luxury, magic, manners, marco hietala, mediaeval baebes, medieval music, meditation, metal, middle eastern dance, mission design, modern fairy tales, mucha, mythic fiction, needlework, nightwish, odalisques, oil pastels, opera, organic food, orientalism, passion, peace, politics, potential, pottery, pre-raphaelite art, pre-raphaelites, progressive politics, random philosophical traditions, random spiritual traditions, raqs sharqi, reading, ritual service, robin mckinley, role playing, sacred space, science fiction, servants, service, servitude, shanti, sherlock holmes, spinning, spinning wheels, spirituality, steampunk, submission, sufi music, synaesthesia, tasha tudor, tea, tea service, thich nhat hanh, tibet, tiffany glass, tolkien, tribal belly dance, urban fantasy, victorian literature, victoriana, vipassana, watercolors, william morris, world music, worship, yoga
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