Oct. 14th, 2009

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My night has kind of ruined my day. First, Sir and I use Skype, since it has a video-call function. However, there was a lot of congestion on the hotel network, so the call kept dropping. He decided to take a bit of a nap and call me later, when there is less traffic on the network. This was at 10PM. At 1AM I figured his alarm wasn't getting him up, left a chat message saying I'd call at 8AM to make sure it got him up for work, at least, and headed to bed myself. Early for me, since I usually stay up from anywhere between 2AM to 4AM. Just as well, considering how the evening progressed.

I live in an apartment high-rise, and we don't control the heat. Considering it's only early October, it wasn't on last night. Too bad that it was in the 40s. Now, I'm generally easily chilled, so I have all the wool throws in the house piled on the bed. Last night my feet were so cold it was actually painful, so I pulled the heating pad into the bed with me, and found that my feet only got warm where they were touching the heating pad, any flesh not directly on it was still cold. Insert the sound of Zazen yowling impressively loudly at random intervals here (also insert me murmuring;"Isobel, would you go kill him, please?). After about an hour and a half of this it finally dawned on me that I was freezing, and curled into so tight a ball my knees were touching my forehead. So at about 3AM I got up and wrestled the comforter into its cover, replacing the cotton blanket with that, piling the wool throws on that, and made myself a cup of hot chocolate to drink while feeling sorry for myself. At about 4:30AM (insert more sounds of Zazen yowling here) I went back to bed, and managed to warm up enough to fall asleep by sunrise. I did manage to wake up to my own alarm and call Sir, who was woken by his work alarm, but better safe than sorry.

Today has held fetching the dry cleaning, some straightening up, and not much else, since I woke quite a bit later than intended, and freezing my ass off leaves me ill-slept. I want an electric blanket.


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