Jun. 2nd, 2010

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Oh! You Pretty Things was largely not my type of scene, but the all-female Judas Priest cover band was very good. The rest of it just sort of made me feel like I was neither pretty enough nor dressed correctly for the crowd. No blame, surely - everyone has their scene, this just wasn't mine. I will admit to there being a sort of warmth to the experience of walking up to the bouncer and announcing; "We're on the list." That's quite the thing to someone who spent their teenage life sitting in the corner of the cafeteria by herself.

I think I'm finding that while I like being social, my favorite sort of events are still somewhat quiet. While I'm looking forward to the Tango del Diablo and the Enchanted Menagerie, I'm much more looking forward to the Baroque Banquet in July, with a chamber music ensemble and opera singers, in a much quieter venue. I'm also *really* looking forward to the steampunk picnic on the 12th. Smaller, almost gentler events, with more opportunity for conversation without having to shout to be heard. I also want to do more one on one socializing, just sitting with people over tea, seeing what relationships develop out of my suddenly somewhat vast sea of acquaintanceship. Reaping what I have sown, in a sense.

In other news life has been pretty quiet. I'm working on a lot of "proof of concept" sculptures, since finances aren't in shape to get me more supplies, just testing out if what I have in my head *can* work. So far it seems to be going shockingly well, the failures of the early part of the year have taught me an awful lot about the vagaries of fiber, and how to adapt to them. I'm very pleased with how that's working, and really looking forward to being in a place where I can start producing enough to show and sell.

Last year I went to the Times Square Alliance event "Solstice in Times Square" where there were a series of free yoga classes held right in the middle of it. It was am amazing experience, especially considering how much I hate that area, since it triggers all of my discomfort with crowds and having too many things pulling my attention at once. Thanks to the quality of the teachers and perhaps even my own willingness to try I found myself able to reach a sense of being centered and calm in the middle of all that. I've already signed up for this year, and it's coming at a fortunate time, since I really think it will be valuable to reaffirm my ability to find that place in the midst of so much.


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