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I'm starting to think there's been a miscalculation. On the one hand, I'm having fun, but on the other hand there's a lot to value in my day to day routine that is getting shoved around a great deal, or left out all together. Also, I'm starting to feel a little physically worn out. We're going to Oh! You Pretty Things tomorrow night, which is a last minute addition to our schedule. During the week M is coming to the neighborhood for some help putting together her next DOV outfit, but otherwise I think I need to slow down a bit, and maybe focus on quieter events, like the steampunk picnic [livejournal.com profile] chelseagirl47 and I are working on. Everything feels somewhat frenetic, even frantic. While there's sometimes something exhilarating about that sort of energy, it feel right now like there's just too much of that - even book group felt a little frenetic.

Speaking of the steampunk picnics, what do people think about the idea of suggesting that people bring related things to read aloud? Not making a requirement of it, of course, but putting the idea out there as a way of ensuring at least some focus *on* steampunk, aside from our fabulous, fabulous clothes.:) The only sort of outdoor appropriate activity I can think of otherwise that could possibly fit the period, if not the "steam" aspect would be croquet, and I don't know anyone who has a set.

Date: 2010-05-30 11:36 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] chelseagirl.livejournal.com
Book group was way more frenetic than usual yesterday; it's rare that we have quite so many cross-conversations going on during the book discussion portion. I put it down to a number of different factors that just happened to converge all at once. Hey, I felt bad that I wasn't staying or returning to party later on, but I am y'all's token old lady friend -- I can only summon that kind of energy on occasion, not on a regular basis. But am looking forward to DoV at the end of next month -- you guys just have to help me figure out what to wear . . .

Steampunk readings - yes! A great idea. And yeah, croquet is so appropriate, but even if I could wrestle down the set from my parents' house, I'd have no place to keep it here. Um, badminton? Emailing you about the picnic later, when I've had a chance to research the site more.

Date: 2010-05-30 05:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jadegirl.livejournal.com
We didn't stay long either, Miriam's friends arrived, and they all left to do something and go to the burlesque show. We went home and had a nap!

I'm glad you like the idea of readings!


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