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Yesterday I was *done* Last holiday card addressed and mailed, last two parcels should be at their destinations tomorrow, done, done, and done. Very pleased and somewhat relaxed. Only somewhat relaxed because we had to be at a plastic surgeons office at 6:30AM this morning, so he could get a growth removed from his face. He'd been given Xanax and Valium beforehand, so I was babysitting a stoner before my first cup of coffee. Just like college! He's doing fine, and I even sat with him and watched during the procedure itself. The only issue is that it's awkwardly close to his mouth, making talking somewhat painful, and eating anything requiring large bites unlikely. However, we're not 24 hours into it, and I can hear his voice becoming more enunciated, and he wants to go out and look at holiday lights tomorrow. All good, in the end.

For those who were interested, someone Faeriecon photos can be found on my Facebook. Not too many, though - Sir hadn't been feeling well, and so my best costume went undocumented (which is no big deal, I wear it every time!), and most of you have much better cameras than we do. Seriously, that thing is awful.

Sir is done with the whole flying off every week, which is good, but we were both taken aback by how hard it has been to get used to being around each other so much again. It was rough going for a bit, but we seem to have hammered everything back into shape.

I seem to learn a great deal every holiday season. This is not a bad thing at all, mind you - it allows me to make things better and better for Sir and I every year. This year the new thing is the house is more lavishly decorated, with two large 'crystals' topped with glitter encrusted greenery. They're just Hallmark store trinkets purchased for me by my mother, who saw me admiring them on a visit to their place in the late summer, but they're quite lovely in the window, even my in-laws say they look quite striking from the street. Next year if finances permit I'll add rechargeable LED candles for a bit more light.

I've noticed lots of road rage recently, huge traffic jams near malls, and recently saw a child comment when asked how things were that everything was fine, but the holidays were making her parents fight. It's amazing and saddening to me how trapped we get by our obligations. I respect that the season is many things to many people, my work to try and make it a time of quiet, restful pleasure and re-grounded puts me in a privileged minority, but the level of unhappiness I'm seeing this year is striking. The reasons for it are fairly obvious and tangled - the economy, familial dysfunction, etc., etc.

Next year I want to do more holiday cards. I'd skimped this year as a money saving measure, and I regret that. I know it's a little thing, but thanks to Etsy there are a lot of really beautiful cards out there, and especially considering how little I seem to put out here these days, sharing a token of regard with the people I have on my friends list is an idea that pleases me. Besides, if I collect them slowly over the year, and manage to be disciplined enough to address them when I get them, sending them out will be no chore, or financial burden.

So, I will screen comments, and if you like, give me your address! Please don't assume I already have it, either!
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