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Murphy's law is running my life again. Yesterday was my body letting me know my cycle is very late, in a nauseating, stabby fashion. So that had me curled up in a ball slamming Aleve and clutching my heating pad till about 4pm, when it finally passed and I was able to get a few things done. Not nearly the level of productivity I'd planned on, but there wasn't a lot to do about that. On the very bright side, the lace [livejournal.com profile] rennie_frog sent me arrived, and it's gorgeous, gorgeous stuff, perfect for the projects I'd had in mind, and even inspired me to a few more. Thank you so much! Your gingerbread went out UPS today, and should be arriving to you tomorrow. I hope you enjoy it!

I'd be perfectly happy to swap homemade gingerbread (not cookies, a loaf cake) to anyone who has fabrics and trims they're looking to get rid of.

Today I woke up with my lower right eyelid very swollen. No pinkeye, no real pain, just some mild irritation. However, we're talking *really* swollen. I did some research online, and only managed to get myself utterly confused as to whether I should use warm or cold compresses. *sighs* A Skype message to Sir got my father in laws' number, and I figured I'd call after 5pm. Some confusion later, FIL stopped by after work, and is confused as well. He's got me taking a decongestant, warm compresses, and instructions to call if it gets worse. He's not sure what it is, just what it isn't - there's no visible injury, no pinkeye, nothing gross. It looks like it might be a sinus issue, so we're addressing that, and hoping it just goes away. It's not terrible, just a bit annoying. I *look* terrible, though. It's raining today, so I couldn't hide it with my sunglasses, and was getting *lots* of horrified stares. It's a good thing Sir wasn't with me, I do look like I've been hit.

I'm feeling pretty drained and 'off', but that's likely due to my cycle having gone off the rails. Still, Faeriecon is next weekend, I don't have time for this!
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