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Being alone most of the time now has inspired me to learn to cook. I'd never really learned how before, at least not anything I regarded as particularly interesting, although when I was 16-17 I was making Beef Stroganoff, sweet-and-sour chicken, and sweet potato pancakes for my SO at the time. The recipes were from a Betty Crocker cookbook, and full of horrifying ingredients like canned cream soups. Edible stuff, but not much more than that. On the other hand, my god can I bake. Breads, pies, intricate pastries, hell, even puff pastry - I've done it all. I can whip up a mouthwatering gingerbread that will scent the whole place in ten minutes, while sitting on the kitchen floor (Sir needed the counters, and we were multitasking.). Since he's always liked cooking, and is quite excellent at it, I never bothered to do anything else, since for some reason while baking is an absolute pleasure, cooking has always seemed like drudgery to me.

I've embraced my cooking related laziness, and made nothing but Indian dishes so far. It's my favorite cuisine, and so much of it is one pot, making enough for plenty of leftovers, so I can cook once a week, and feed myself well every day, limiting both kitchen time and cleanup. Enter Manjula's Kitchen. I'd be *lost* without this website. Not only are the recipes clear and simple, each one has a video where Manjula guides you through the entire process, like a cooking show without the chatter. Some people might have some searching to do to get some of the spices, depending on where you live, but I'm quite lucky to have a market three blocks away that caters to our local Bangladeshi population.

Today was Spicy Squash. OMG. I had to fudge a little, since I couldn't get mango powder or fenugreek, so I substituted mango pickle, which has green mango, fenugreek, cumin, and chili, and dropped back on the chilis in the recipe. Not hard, since it's way spicy already - this recipe calls for 4 whole chilis and a teaspoon of chili powder. It's *so* good. Seriously, best thing I've ever cooked for myself.

There's a *ton* of other recipes, including breads and desserts. When I have someone to cook for I'll try a bread, but for now I'm doing one new main dish a week.

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